9 Questions with: Dartmouth Haikus

The Place: Dartmouth

The Treasure: Haikus

Near the shores of Lake Banook sits a watcher (and a doer), an artist.

Dartmouth Haikus has merged daily life with the art of poetry to give insights and thoughts in to the going ons of Dartmouth and it’s people.

We snagged an interview, but before you read on, follow Dartmouth Haiku on Twitter and Facebook.


1 – NST: Where did the inspiration for Dartmouth Haikus come from?


DH: I wish I had a better story than the true one.

I was sitting on my deck in the summer time late one night and a few younger residents who had taken part in drinks of the more mature kind were walking down my street. They we’re quite loud and carrying on.

I thought to myself “Oh, drunk teenagers. I wonder where you’re going..” I’m a big Wayne’s World fan and I thought of the line “Garth! That’s a haiku!” so I wrote a few about them.

A few months passed but I thought it would be funny if somebody did an entire twitter account based on haikus. It would be better if somebody based them all on Dartmouth. Then I thought, Hey, That could be me.


2 – NST: Can you describe that magical moment when your love of Dartmouth and your love of haiku’s met?


DH: It was pretty great! The magic didn’t really happen until I made the account.

As mentioned in the previous answer I thought it was a good idea and decided to create the account. I found some images of Dartmouth, followed people I knew from my personal account who loved the city and wrote a few haikus.

My goal was to gain 25 followers by the end of the first week, with an ultimate goal of 250. I really just wanted to brighten a few twitter users day and get a chuckle here and there.

When I woke up the next day I had 60 followers, multiple retweets and mentions. People were writing their own haikus! That was and is still the magic.


3 – NST: You recently got involved with a program that leaves knitted goods out for anyone that needs them, how has that gone?


DH: It’s going very well! I was inspired by a group called “Chase the Chill.” They’ve organized similiar events across the United States and Canada.

We put the scarves up in Sullivan’s Pond on February 16th as well as collected items for The Margarets House in Dartmouth. I had a plan that if the scarves were not being used in a week, I would take them down and donate them as well. I walk by the trees where they are everyday and there’s always at least one missing! They’re still there, just waiting to make someone warm.


4 – NST: Ever considered expanding beyond Dartmouth and in to other parts of the province?


DH: Yes. A million times. I have not ruled out the possibility of a sister account. The only reason it hasn’t been done is because I never want Dartmouth Haiku to be neglected. I love each and everyone of my followers and I feel like I would be letting them down by making something they’ve made their own into something bigger. That being said, I may be inspired and think of something else, or find time to manage both.


5 – NST: Ever felt the need or desire to branch out in to other forms of poetry?


DH: I have and decided haikus are the perfect poetry. They’re small, to the point and fit well within the twitter format.


6 – NST: There seems to be a resurgence in haiku, do you foresee a day when we communicate online mainly through haikus?


DH: That would be too good! Imagine, The entire world speaking in 17 syllables.

“Hey, what’s tonight’s plan? I hear a new bands playing. Want to check it out?” “Sorry man, I can’t, I have to stay home tonight, Friends is on Netflix.”

On another note, it likely wouldn’t be a bad thing. People would really have to think of their words before speaking.


7 – NST: Has doing Haiku’s on life in Dartmouth improved your observational skills?


DH: I don’t have cable. All I do is observe. I am better at noticing the small characters that live around here. I do notice I listen better to what people are saying. It’s shocking how many people say things that actually are haikus!


8 – NST: Favourite food and where in Dartmouth to get it?


DH: My favourite food is pizza. I could likely eat pizza everyday for the rest of my life and be satisfied. My favourite pizza in Dartmouth is from The Hungry Hut. The sauce to cheese ratio is perfect and they’re very generous with their toppings.

.. Now I’m hungry.


9 – NST: Treasure Bear would be honoured if you would do a haiku for him, would you?


DH: Of course, You’ve been nice enough to ask me a few questions.

Small yellow teddy

You are a black bear inside

We can all see it


Thank you so much, Dartmouth Haiku, for the interview and a blushing, slightly rawry Treasure Bear thanks you too!

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