What’s up with NST?



Figured I’d do an update post since we haven’t put out an article in a little bit. 🙂


First off, don’t worry, we’re still pretty active, or at least as active as the weather allows. Winter tends to be a bit of a lull.


We have a few 9 Questions interviews out/in the works so hopefully those will start rolling out soonish.


Also lining up what events and places we want to go to this year – and we’re taking suggestions, drop us a line 🙂


Looking forward to doing more articles and inspiring people near and far to explore our beautiful province. It’s there under the snow somewhere. 😀


Probably try to get some mini treasure done up, also, as I look through the large folder that is our pictures of Nova Scotia.


Talk soon,

-John, Steph and Treasure Bear


Taken at Maplewood Maple Syrup Farm
Taken at Maplewood Maple Syrup Farm

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