9 Questions with: Andrew Hunter

The Place: Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Treasure: Andrew Hunter and the Gatherers


Welcome to our second interview – this time it’s with Andrew Hunter.


Photo Credit: Scott Blackburn


Andrew is the lead vocals and guitar for Andrew Hunter and The Gatherers, which also features Bryan Page (drums) and Sam Nijjar (bass).



Photo credit: Tony DeCoste


A few of their more popular songs include “The Feel Good Song”, “Remember” and “One Good Reason”.

One Good Reason ties Dirty Money for my favourite. I like the message and song for Dirty Money, but One Good Reason is one of those songs you can just crank up louder and louder.  🙂


9 Questions with: Andrew Hunter


1 -NST: Like me you were born in New Brunswick but call Nova Scotia home, what attracts and keeps you here?


AH: I am from New Brunswick and I love it there too- but it was a combination of music and surfing that attracted and keeps me here.  I bounced between the east coast & Maui, Hawaii  for a while as a teen and into my mid twenties. Maui  is paradise and has great surf but being on a tropical Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean kind of hinders the ability for touring your original music.


Surfing and the ocean became a huge part of my life -precisely why I live where I do now. Music drew me back to Halifax – So here I am, and now I get to do a bit of both:)


Photo Credit: Cassia McDonald and RNG Media

Photo Credit: Tony Decoste


2 -NST: Musician from Nova Scotia you would like to work with that may surprise people?


AH: I’m not sure it would surprise anyone – as he’s pretty high profile these days – but Id love to have a writing session or two with Gordie Sampson. I think we’d get on well. 


3 – NST: Any place in Nova Scotia you haven’t been but would like to go either as a performer or not?


AH: I’ve pretty much covered the whole province both as a musician and a surfer. However I have not yet visited Cape Split!


4 – NST: What could be done to better promote the music talent we have here?


AH: I think as a province we do a pretty good job actually – but of course there’s always room for improvement.

I always suggested it should be mandatory that there be a local /regional artist on every large concert here. Sort of like Cancon for radio – every Metro Center concert should be able to host some East Coast artist as the opening act – that fits the genre of course and approved by the artist etc .. But an opener for the opening act type thing. 

That would be great.


5- NST: Describe what it was like the first time you heard one of your songs on the radio?


AH: Well it was in my parents kitchen as I was on a visit home to NB and we had this radio we borrowed from my Nan and we could barely get the station to come in – so it was fuzzy and the signal was in & out quite often .  It was definitely a neat moment and one I won’t forget;)


6 – NST: Favourite food and where to get it in NS?


AH: Now this is a tough question. 

I cant pick just one. Here’s 5. 

1.  Burrito bowl @ Habaneros HRM

2. Darryls (in south end Halifax) original club pita with Darryl Fries:) 

3. Peppercorn New York at The Keg

4. Fresh Scallops or Haddock from roadside fish trucks. 

5. Westcliffe Diner. 


7 – NST:  Your “go to” place in NS that always makes you feel good?
AH: If I told you that – everyone one would want to go! Let’s just say the beach;) 


8 – NST: Do you feel more or less pressure playing in front of ‘hometown’ crowds?


AH: I guess maybe a little less..?

when you’re playing in different town to a new crowd it can be tough. You have to prove yourself every second of every minute while performing.. but   If they like you it can be great.

Then again in the hometown have to make sure you deliver the goods so folks come back. Did I answer that correctly?


9 – NST: Last one is from Treasure Bear.. he noticed your contact on your webpage is “bearhunt” should he be worried should we ever meet? 


AH: Bear was my nickname as a kid – even my teachers called me that in junior high school – my family and close friends still do;) As long as you don’t wake me up, you’re good:) 



And there you have it!

9 Questions with Andrew Hunter. 🙂

No need to worry about Treasure Bear waking you up, he’s a sleeper.. you’d get along famously. 😉

Thank you so much for doing this with us!


Be sure to follow Andrew Hunter and The Gatherers on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and buy everything on iTunes that they have up there. Up to date information, media, bio and shows can be found on their web page: AndrewHunter.ca



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