9 Questions with: Chad Hatcher

The Place: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

The Treasure: Chad Hatcher


Interview number 3!

We have Chad Hatcher in the fairly comfy and pretty stylish hot seat.

Chad has an amazing ability to blend his style in to other genres as well as stand on his own.

Very few people can take just their voice and guitar and make music you want to listen to, Chad has that ability.

Check out his smooth, easy to listen to music in these videos:

Feel It In My Heart

Live By The Sea

Hotel Hallways

Photo Credit: Chad Hatcher
Photo Credit: Chad Hatcher


9 Questions with: Chad Hatcher


1 – NST: You’ve gotten to work with a lot of NS talent. Among them Classified (You Say It’s All Been Said , All About You) , Mike Boyd (NST: our mistake, Chad corrects us! 🙂 ),  J-Bru (Christina), Ghettochild (On The Move ), Hellafactz (Pushin On) and so on. Is there anyone in NS you haven’t worked with yet that you would like to?

CH: Within the hip hop spectrum I would most definitely pat stay, miracle, al boogie to name a few. Me & mic b haven’t done a track yet. I would love to though. Also quake and I did one song produced by dj Iv, but I would love to get a few more tracks with him


2 – NST: You’ve toured Canada – what makes Nova Scotia special compared to the places you’ve been?

CH: Nothing compares to Nova Scotia. It’s home. I have always had a lot of fun doing shows here, it’s where it all started. I have had a lot of local support. It’s most important for me to stay close to my roots.


3 – Your covers of Pumped Up Kicks  and Summertime are amazing. Have you considered doing a complete CD of covers?

CH: Actually I have. I just recently recorded covers of water runs dry by boys to men, waterfalls by tlc, and I try by Macy grey. I have a few other tunes from the same era I wanna cover so maybe I will put out a 90’s inspired ep.

Any suggestions? 😉


4 – What could be done to better promote the talent we have in Nova Scotia?

CH: Well it would be awesome if we had more all ages and live music venues. So ppl have a place to showcase what they do. We used to have a strong scene, with options for musicians of all genres to get out and play. Especially for younger ppl

Local radio could get more involved. They should all dedicate some time to build the locals up. Route 104 on q104 is a great example.


5 – Musical influence from NS that might surprise people?

CH: April Wine! I grew up listening to my dad’s records. I remember hearing the song “it could have been a lady” and I loved it.

I was dating a girl at the time and I came to find out she was the guitar players niece, it was random as hell.

They were a big band at one time, and I remember thinking. “They are from Nova Scotia and are huge out there” it’s possible!

I would have some serious work to do to get to that level.


6 – Besides music what do you enjoy doing?

CH: Being a dad 🙂 I have 7 year old son. Nothing in this world makes me happier than he does. Watching him grow and learn is pretty amazing

He kind of gives me the chance to be a kid again. He’s got Lots of lego, video games and a serious nerf arsenal. We kill that stuff on the rainy days.


7 – Anywhere in Nova Scotia you haven’t been to but would like to go to? Either as a performer or not.

CH: I haven’t done many shows in Cape Breton it’s pretty amazing place. So much musical talent there.

As for place to travel, probably the Digby Weymouth area. I have roots there and have never been before.


8 – An NST favourite (because we’re compiling a list of places to eat ;))  favourite food and where to get it?


CH: So many awesome places to eat here. We are definitely spoiled when it comes to deliciousness.

To narrow it down I will use proximity and say that johns lunch is high up on the list. Best fish in chips in Canada according to some type of survey. Macleans magazine or something haha.

I used to love Kel’s deli on Wyse road. That place was amazing. Sucks that they shut down. As you can see I am not a fan of fine dining

If I was I would go to the 5 fisherman. That’s a special place. Wooden monkey also.. Mmm food..

9 – Last one is from Treasure Bear.. so.. yeah… He wants to know if having the same name as the band helped you get in to the band.

CH: What band? Lol

It’s just me for the most part. Sometimes I do shows with a band. Mostly just acoustic with a conga player. Just me though. Chad Hatcher is not a band 🙂


NST – Treasure Bear says, “Whew! He thought it’d be weird for someone to make a band with your name and hope you’d join!”

Photo Credit: John Pottie
Photo Credit: John Pottie

Huge thanks to Chad for doing this!

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