Truro Flying Club – Vintage Air and Car Show

The Place: Debert Airfield

The Treasure: Vintage Air and Classic Car Show


Well it was nice to get out on the Victoria Day weekend knowing it was for a new article. 🙂

We headed off to Debert for the Vintage Air and Classic Car Show put on by the Truro Flying Club. It was the first time we’d been out to the airfield but we had no trouble finding it – we just looked for planes. 

Our plan worked!

In the main area and one of the hangers were the vintage planes:


Beside the vintage aircraft were the vintage cars – Makes sense to me, keep all the vintagey stuff together – focus the vintage power…

Overall it was a great event. I believe it was the first year for it and we see a lot of potential for it to grow.

We didn’t get a chance to go for a flight but the event did make us aware of that service the Truro Flying Club provides – so I think we’ll look in to that for a future date.

Plus I think Treasure Bear was bitten by the bug – or he wants to be a pin-up bear.. not sure which…. maybe both…


Here is a map and weather forecast for when you want to go flying:


[wpc-weather id=”4904″ /]



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