Seals, Whales and birds at Canso Causeway

The Place:  Canso Causeway

The Mini-Treasure: Seals, whales, and birds

For the past month or so Canso Causeway has been host to some rare visitors – seals, whales, dolphins, a leatherback turtle and some infrequently seen seabirds.

On our way back from Port Hawkesbury we had a chance to stop in and grab some pictures – along with about 70 other people. 🙂

Here are some of the better ones we got:

We didn’t see any of the dolphins or leatherback turtles, or any of the more rare seabirds, but it was a thrill to see the whales and seals. It was also fun to watch the eagles pick fish out of the water.

Not sure how long they’ll be sticking around, but if you get a chance take a peek, maybe you’ll see them. 🙂


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