Adding reviews to Nova Scotia Treasures

Hi folks!

We’ve been thinking of doing more reviews on Nova Scotia Treasures.

We’ve done a few for Motorola (Moto X Play, Moto 360 watch, one other in progress). 

Product reviews would be, of course, honest. The good and the bad. What works and what doesn’t.  What we like and what could be improved.

I suspect a bulk of the reviews will be products we buy on our own. However, if something is sent to us it would not influence our review – that would be wrong.

It wouldn’t be limited just to things we buy and bring home, but say for instance, a restaurant. Currently we tend to review a restaurant as a place to visit and not quite as much on the food. My vision for this type of review would be to do one review article on the venue itself and one article reviewing the product, in this example the food itself.

I guess what I’d like to do is separate visiting places like parks, museums and the like from goods and services. A way to dive deeper into the places we go and things we use.

Maybe we visit a historic site and have a meal there, or they make a product that we buy. One article on the overall visit and one or more on the meal or product we had or bought.

I believe this would give a much more fuller account of Nova Scotia and places we visit. 

Feel free to contact us with ideas of places to check out and your thoughts on reviews!

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