NST Blog and the summer that wasn’t

The Place: NovaScotiaTreasures.com

The Treasure: This blog


Didn’t know how else to keep the place and treasure format, didn’t mean for it to come across as self-serving. 🙂


Over the winter we tend to do and write less, late winter we start to look at places we want to go, events we want to attend, people we want to interview, items we wanted to make and hopefully sell, and so on. That way when the weather is a little better we can hit the ground running (or usually driving).

Among them were trips to Digby, Yarmouth, and that general side of the province. There were several people we contacted with 9 Questions and I never followed through on. Designs we never made or produced. Wonderful places not pictured not taken and shared. Pieces of Nova Scotia we never got to experience and take home with us.

Many of the faithful readers will notice we really didn’t do much this year. I think maybe two or three articles if that.

What happened?

In June my (John) father had a heart attack, a bypass and was starting to recover. As my dad got out of the hospital Steph’s father went in and shortly after passed from lymphoma.

It’s not like all that happened is done with and we’re back to normal; things are still quite raw.


We have had some time to reflect and with that I’ve had time to think about this blog and the things we missed out on doing.

Traveling around Nova Scotia gives us a better understanding of where we live.

Writing about it is our little way to show how much we have here.

Nova Scotia Treasures, for us, is therapy. It satisfies the part of human nature that wants to explore and tell stories. It also grounds us, for the day we spend wandering around it’s all we have on our plate. There is great satisfaction in knowing people have read about and shared our adventure and efforts – that maybe someone would go to a place we wrote about because we wrote about it, or that someone that doesn’t have the ability to travel gets to experience it in some way through us.

In the end, things will get as back to normal as they can be for us. Nova Scotia Treasures will continue, we will travel, we will interview, and we will write about it. With that, we will heal.

And that is the treasure of this blog – selfishly, it is escape we need, it is the relaxation we require. We do this for us and were are thrilled others get something out of it.


Thanks for reading. 🙂

Treasure Bear watching the birds in the pond
Treasure Bear watching the birds in the pond

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