Sugar Moon Farm

The Place: Sugar Moon Farm
The Treasure: maple syrup and more

Well it’s almost maple sugaring time *pause to drool* so it seems fitting that we talk about one of the companies that harvest and sell this amazing gift from nature.

Sugar Moon Farm is located about 30 minutes outside of Truro, just outside of Earltown.

They have excellent trails a all through their land where you can explore and see their tapping set up.

And the original sugar shack:

Depending on the time of year and snow amount they also offer sleigh rides!

A real must have experience is maple sugar on the snow. Basically maple syrup is heated and poured on to the snow, allowed to sit a short time and then wrapped around a popsicle stick. So…. good….

Sugar Moon Farm sells a wide variety of maple products such as blueberry maple syrup, maple butter, maple mustard, cream, candies and so on. A lot to list!

Now all this walking around builds up a hunger – good thing they have an excellent restaurant, be sure to stop for bite. 🙂

Last things last, you really need to go on the tour also. It’s fairly short but very educational and it’s interesting to see exactly how the maple sap makes it’s way from their trees to their evaporator, the temperatures needed and a shortened version of the history of maple sugaring.

Then when you’re done you can file your own report about it using the Canadian Internet…

Sugar Moon Farm


Here is the current weather and a map to help you plan your trip:

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