Partridge Island

The Place: Parrsboro

The Treasure: Partridge Island


Partridge island… Many have heard of it, few have ventured…

Okay that’s not true and I don’t think the dramatic tone works for NST. 🙂

Partridge Island is actually a peninsula – having been connected by  a sandbar that formed after the Saxby Gale of 1869.

Partridge Island beach - rock portion
Partridge Island beach – rock portion

Aside from the beach one of the main attractions is the hiking trails, approximately 3kms long and rising around 200 feet. Although for some it can be a challenging hike the views are worth it.

They also have signs! Everyone likes signs, right? Yaaay!

There are also several benches along the way to rest on. 🙂

Partridge Island is well known by rockhounds and the occasional fossil can be found – however all fossils should be taken to a museum for study. The rocks along the beach can yield a few interesting finds, but the real action is a little riskier to get to due to the tides. We advise asking someone that knows the area well to be a guide.

With the Fundy Geological Museum and Ottawa House By-The-Sea Museum (closed for renovations when we went) near by you can make a full day of the trip. Learning a-plenty!

We hope you get a chance to check out the island soon, gather a few shiny rocks, and just enjoy the ocean. 🙂

Treasure Bear enjoys watching the ocean
Treasure Bear enjoys watching the ocean

Here is a current forecast and a map to help you plan your trip:

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