Maritime Beeswax

The Place: Canning, Nova Scotia

The Treasure: Maritime Beeswax

Ever plan on going to a place and doing a certain thing and then those plans go right out the window once you get there?

Yeah that’s what happened this weekend. You see we’d planned to go to the Wolfville Market and we did, but instead of a post about the Wolfville Market (which we’ll do later) something else caught our eye and here it is – a different post than intended!

We passed by Maritime Beeswax’s booth and were greeting with a warm hello from the nice man behind the table. We saw the pinecone candle first, a few steps later the other items on the table began to register and we headed back.


In addition to the pinecone candle was one that was more round and made to look like rose blossoms instead of pinecone thingies. There was also a nice wall medallion shaped in a heart that I really should have taken a picture of but that may have come across a little weird. I could have come up with some brilliant cover story like “I’m thinking of wearing one when I assume the rapper name MC Waxy Bee.” – totally believable.

I’m really curious what else they can make at Maritime Beeswax based on what we saw at the market. It’s well worth going for the other vendors but be sure to stop and look at what Maritime Beeswax has to offer.

Just having the candle sitting here on my desk is a wonderful thing. Both visually and aromatically.

Even our new mascot, TreasureBear is a fan!

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