Avon River Heritage Society

Avondale Heritage Society Museum

The Place: Avondale
The Treasure: Avon River Heritage Society Museum


Well it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Too long, not going to get in to why but suffice to say life happens – main thing is….


Avon River Heritage Society! We’d planed to go to the Garlic Festival in Avondale in 2019 but the parking was insane so we decided to dip in to the Society building instead – glad we did!

Avon Heritage Society Museum
Avon Heritage Society Museum

We’d been to the area before and walked the nearby wharf, but had never been in the actual museum.

Inside the museum, and gift shop, was a wonderful collection of model ships:

Items, tools, and history of the area:

As well as some wool, spinning tools and.. that thing!

The Avon River Heritage Society Museum is a great stop. The day we were there had live music and some food vendors and other activities but due to time constraints we couldn’t really take it all in the way we wanted to. This year we plan to make it a point to go and spend the day!

Map to Avon River Heritage Society Museum:

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