Victoria Square

The Place: Truro, Nova Scotia

The Mini-Treasure: Victoria Square


Mini-Treasure? Yup! New article type we’re trying out.

Mini-Treasures will be quick articles on places we’ve stopped for a short time or places that are not very big. In this article, for example, the subject is a relatively small area but a very nice little park.


On with it!


Victoria Square



Victoria Square, also sometimes  referred to as Truro City Centre, is a small park in heart of Truro.

In the middle of the park is the visitor information building:


Victoria Square



On one side of the visitor information booth are some gardens, benches (some with checkers/chess board) and the above pictured main gate (artist George Rockwell made the gate).


Victoria Square Victoria Square


The other side is a small field where, during the warmer months, people walk their dogs, kids play, and folks have picnics. In the colder months they build a skating rink which is used very often.


Victoria Square



Although it’s a relatively small area it’s a nice oasis in a busy area where you can take a break and reconnect with nature. If you find yourself in downtown Truro and want to recharge, stop at Victoria Square – people have been doing it since 1760!


Here is a current forecast and a map to help you plan your trip:

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