Ralph’s Cat & Dog Health Food Store

The Place: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

The Treasure: Ralph’s Cat & Dog Health Food Store

On one of our many trips to Lunenburg years ago we saw a pet store in the making: Ralph’s Cat & Dog Health Food Store. We’d find out later that Ralph’s was moving from another location to this one.

One of our dogs is allergic to grains so the “Health Food” part of the sign piqued our interest. We figured it’d be nice to find a store that we could pick up treats for him.

Turns out Ralph’s was and is so much more. Margaret and Shelly are incredibly knowledgeable, easy to talk to and genuinely interested in pet health. They have excellent knowledge of both their products and pet health issues. We learn something new every visit.

I think the first time in there we spent over an hour talking to them about pretty much everything from our dog’s food needs to misconceptions on raw feeding to Lunenburg itself.

Then there’s the store’s mascot and namesake, Ralph. As you go up the stairs you may see him sitting in his chair waiting to greet or perhaps trying to lure in customers:

If Ralph’s working that day (and not home penning his next book) you’re in for one heck of a greeting. The “roll on my back and pin your feet to the floor” tactic is very effective, nicely done Ralph!

Ralph’s Cat & Dog Health Food Store is one of our favourite stores to visit on the south shore – anyone wanting a little better for their pets should stop in and have a talk.


UPDATE:  Unfortunately Ralph and his people had to move out of province. Thank you for your care for the health of our pets, Ralphs’!

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