Cape Breton Highlands – Autumn Colours

The Place: Cape Breton

The Treasure: Autumn Colours


Won’t be much text to this one!

Cape Breton constantly ranks among the top in the world for spectacular Fall colours, in particular the Cape Breton Highlands.

It’s one thing to look at pictures, and we hope you enjoy ours, but it’s another thing to go see it.

This particular trip we decided to go up the 105 and stop in at Cape Smokey briefly.

Cape Smokey Cape Breton Cape Smokey Cape Breton Cape Smokey Cape Breton

There were still quite a few blueberries to be found, a few less after we left. 😉

After that we did the loop around the Highlands, stopping at a few of the many look offs

Cape Breton  Cape Breton Cape Breton DSC_3818Cape Breton

We chose this particular route because the previous two years we’d gone the other way – up the coast and down the 105.

When you plan your trip, whether it’s this year or in the future, keep in mind how the setting sun (or sunrise if you stay overnight) will affect potential pictures!

Be sure to check out our Gallery page for more pictures from this and other trips.

Here is the current weather and a map to help you plan your trip:

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