Acres and Acres

The Place: Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Treasure: Acres and Acres

I was looking around for a band when I stumbled across Halifax based Acres and Acres. Made up of New Brunswickers Kris Pope and Dave Scholten I decided to add a NST post on them since they’re based in Halifax and hey, my blog, my rules. 😉

Acres and Acres is a very lyrically gifted band.  A couple sample lyrics – first is from the song “From a Forest”:

“The page wire and the t-bar that once held the sheep in,

used to draw the tree line now the wire is sinking deep in,

the trunk of the tree, and the green grass gorws all around, and the green grass grows all around..”

Wonderful visual.

From “All He Needs”

“When you smile you glow,

but I’m the only one who knows,

what that smile means.

And you smell something like a rose,

ah but to me,

you smell like a thousand memories.”

Although they have a variety of styles to their songs they don’t stray outside of ‘their sound’ and don’t push their vocals into ranges they can’t do. I really enjoy how polished their sound is, how tight  and contained everything is.

Hopefully we’ll get a chance to take them in live sometime this year and see how they are – although I suspect they won’t be much different from how they sound recorded, the mark of a good band (unlike so many studio bands that are a disappointment live – or lip sync it).

Check out Acres and Acres’ site here.  Be sure to hit the music page and on the lower right, listen to their stuff.

After that click buy and support them. 🙂

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