Lawrence House Museum/Maitland Launch Festival

The Place: Maitland

The Treasure: Lawrence House Museum/Maitland Launch Festival


This year marked the 140th anniversary of the launch of the William D. Lawrence – the largest sailing ship ever built in Canada.


Seemed to be a great reason to take in the Maitland Launch Festival and visit the Lawrence House Museum. :)


Our day began by arriving 10 minutes before the start of the parade. Timing is everything!





We followed the parade up to the Lawrence House Museum and listened to speeches from several Town Criers:


Maitland Town Crier DSC_2734 DSC_2745



After the Town Criers we headed in to the museum itself, which was free admission for the day (but we dropped that money in the donation box!).


Lamp Indoor Plumbing

Toys Book


From there it was time for the commemorative the launch of the William D. Lawrence after a few words from the Tower Crier and the news reporter:


Town Crier at launch News Reporter

Officials Spectator


And then.. the launch!


She took on some water Everyone tilt your head!


Doesn’t look like it went as they hoped. But it happens! Ship was retrieved and everyone had a good time. :)


Even the prohibitionst ladies had a good time
We’re having a great time.


We really had a wonderful experience at the event and the museum. Launch day or not, drop by and check it out!

Treasure Bear! *sigh* We can’t take you anywhere!


Treasure Beer?

Treasure Beer?



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