What’s up with NST?



Figured I’d do an update post since we haven’t put out an article in a little bit. :)


First off, don’t worry, we’re still pretty active, or at least as active as the weather allows. Winter tends to be a bit of a lull.


We have a few 9 Questions interviews out/in the works so hopefully those will start rolling out soonish.


Also lining up what events and places we want to go to this year – and we’re taking suggestions, drop us a line :)


Looking forward to doing more articles and inspiring people near and far to explore our beautiful province. It’s there under the snow somewhere. :D


Probably try to get some mini treasure done up, also, as I look through the large folder that is our pictures of Nova Scotia.


Talk soon,

-John, Steph and Treasure Bear


Taken at Maplewood Maple Syrup Farm
Taken at Maplewood Maple Syrup Farm

Hear about the fantastic people, places and things you can find in Nova Scotia from people who love their home.

The forecast for Truro,Nova Scotia by Wunderground for WordPress