Bluenose II

The Place: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

The Treasure: Bluenose II

A little while ago we found ourselves wandering the streets of historic Lunenburg when Treasure Bear said he wanted to see the Bluenose.

Silly bear! The Bluenose is in refit, everyone knows that. Treasure Bear assured us there was a tour and it was open today. Good enough for us and off we went.

Down at the end of Montague Street is a really big building. You could fit a ship in there, no joke.

We headed in to the information centre to ask about a tour. As it happens there was one, we got shiny white hats and headed down to the really big building that could fit a ship.

Believe it or not, had a ship in it!

It really is an impressive sight to see the schooner out of the water. Some 150 feet long and about 30 feet wide to get to stand beside it while it’s out of the water was a real treat. I can’t imagine being one of the people working on it, walking it’s history every day.

On the wall opposite the Bluenose II is information on the ship design and portaits of the people that worked on it – you’ll have to go see that for yourself (no pictures allowed! 🙂 ). The tour guide on duty really knew his stuff, including why it’s still considered a refit even though so much of it was replaced, want to know why? Good! Go ask. 😉

The Bluenose is a true icon in Nova Scotian and Canadian history. Seeing the name beatifully done on it’s side and the smell of fresh paint made for a lot of excitement. It will be fantastic to see her sailing again.

You can follow the work on , but get there and see it for yourself! Just make sure it’s before the lauch – some time in July is the current estimate.

I’m thinking a few people will show up to see it slip back in to the water… we plan to!

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